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Capilano has been the favoured honey of Australian’s for over 65 years. Their iconic yellow pack and cheeky bee mascot inhabits a fond place in most Australian’s minds. This fondness was being forgotten and Capilano was struggling to connect with an audience inundated with choice and innovation.

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WCN_ worked with Capilano to redefine their brand purpose. Aiming to rebuild credibility and trust, we evolved the design with sensitivity. Putting the icon, our ‘nature champion’ at the heart of the brand we communicate clearly the 100% Natural Australian message.

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With a strengthened product portfolio Capilano now has a more modern and refined look. This has enabled them to stand out from the competition and cement their position as the nation’s favourite honey, now, and in the future.

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The creation of Capilano’s new brand mascot ‘Phoebe’ it has given the brand an engaging character whose friendly appeal opens up the brand to connect with young families and resonate with international markets.

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“WhatCameNext_ have helped us define a motivating purpose for our brand. A purpose that has helped us create a clear direction for the business and given us a exciting brand design that moves us into the future.”

Amy O’Reilly, Capilano


The creation of a strong visual architecture led to the development of a new ‘Therapeutic’ range for the Capilano brand. WCN_ were tasked with bringing clarity of communication to this previously hard to navigate range. Traditionally Manuka was a confusing category. Audience's were lost trying to decipher ‘activity levels’ and how these related to price and product benefit.

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To eliminate this confusion WCN_ designed the pack around the Beeotic hexagon. This shape synonymous with bees and honey created a clean, informative architecture which along with a simple bronze, silver and gold colour palette immediately transformed the range.

capilano web manuka range
capilano web beekeeper


‘We purposely took the bold step to move away from the everyday honey portfolio and the famous Capilano yellow. This created a clear point of difference on shelf, aided audience navigation and brought clarity to a once confusing category’.

Ruth Galloway Strategy Director.


Client: Capilano Honey, Australia

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Brand Activation, Brand Architecture, Point of Sale