Capilano Honey

Reinstating the pride of an Aussie icon.

Even as a true Australian icon steeped in decades of nostalgia, Capilano was being left behind by the competition and was losing sales. The challenge was to re-express the brand to attract new shoppers and loyalists alike.

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We needed to put Capilano back into the hearts and minds of consumers as Australia’s number one preferred honey and the largest supporter of beekeepers in the country.  Our plan was to responsibly craft its iconography and messaging to draw on the positive recollection of the brand while presenting it in a contemporary and relevant way.

Additionally, it was paramount that we built a master brand to support an extensive portfolio of products. It needed to flex across varied categories and markets from Australian supermarkets (in the everyday honey aisle, Chinese pharmacy counters* (with premium prebiotic honey) or in Dubai boutiques where the purity of its Australian provenance is highly acclaimed.

We restored Capilano’s pride and self-belief across the entire portfolio, regaining complete range listings nationally alongside building the platform for global growth and innovation.

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Capilano Honey
Capilano Honey