Carlton Zero

Quenching the thirst for low/no-alcohol offers.

With the emerging global low/no-alcohol movement Carlton wanted to lead the way in Australia by becoming the first brand to market.

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Carlton Zero

The low/no-alcohol movement is becoming one of the biggest drinks trends in years. Sales of these sans alcohol drinks have risen by more than 20.5% in just one year, with low-alcohol beer and cider sales soaring by almost 30% (Kantar Worldpanel).

Carlton, one of Australia's leading beer brands approached WCN_ to create an offer to quench these changing consumer tastes. The result was a powerful and dramatic statement from Carlton that stood out amongst the crowd and engaged with its audience. The brand exuded confidence whilst ensuring it remained masculine and modern, winning a global design effectiveness award in 2020.

As the market continued to explode we’ve evolved and modernised the design to ensure continued success and cut through amongst the future competition.


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Carlton Zero
Carlton Zero
Carlton Zero
Carlton Zero
Carlton Zero
Carlton Zero