Carlton Dry

Modernising and refreshing Australia’s favourite full strength, low carb lager.

Bringing modernity, consistency and standout across the portfolio for Carlton Dry to continue deepening connection with consumers.

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Carlton Dry

Brewed for refreshment Carlton Dry has been in the Australian market for over a decade aimed as those looking for lower carbohydrates and a lighter cleaner flavour to their beer. Made using modern techniques and finest ingredients the brand has appealed to a more modern consumer. When reinvigorating the visual elements we wanted to modernise the identity and create a greater level of consistency across the portfolio. Increasing standout in the cool room. Within the process the typography was updated and the identity hierarchy re-weighted to ensure the brand could speak confidently in the hand and in-store.


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Carlton & United Breweries/Asahi

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Carlton Dry
Carlton Dry
Carlton Dry
Carlton Dry
Carlton Dry