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Everyone loves a frothy, eh? A quintessential Australian colloqualism turned into a brand from Australia's largest brewer. We created a beer coming from Matilda Bay that's brewed with local hops and barley for today's consumer. The original Aussie craft brewery who have been brewing on home shores since 1984 wanted an offer that walks the line between craft and mainstream that would appeal to mass appeal.

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It was critical that the offer would standout amongst the competition, and also have the ability to confidently own it's space. Focusing on the beer and just the beer, it speaks directly to the everyday Australian with wit and simplicity.


Building on our audiences growing desire in no nonsense brands WCN_ created Frothy to deliver on the basic customer expectation, a great tasting ice cold frothy. Just great beer, with no bull.

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Utilisiing raw substrates such as the naked can and box helped the brand to remain raw and real, and strangely iconic despite being free from overt tricks and finishes.

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"What Came Next_ have a unique ability to understand the very essence of a brand and translate that into impactful and considered design...which is exactly what they did with Frothy. Delivering stripped backed simplicity in a premium but accessible way is not an easy brief and we believe they got the balance right."

Tim Ovadia
, Head Of Classic Brands, Carlton & United Breweries