Fruity Beer Category

Category Creation, reimagining beer.

With consumers tastes and expectations changing the question from our clients is often how to stay relevant and front of mind with their audience. The answer in this instance was the creation of an entirely new category of brewed beverages.

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Fruity Beer Category

Carlton & United Breweries success relies on the beer category remaining interesting and relevant to its audience. Recently with changing gender expectations and palates, consumers have been heading outside of classic beer to satisfy their ever curious palette.

Working alongside the innovation team at CUB we were tasked with ‘reimagining beer’ through the creation a new fruity beer category. Aimed at an emerging audience of drinkers we were briefed to create three brands with completely individual positionings.

WCN_ conceptualised, named, created and launched three new brands, each uniquely aimed to satisfy a different target consumer from an identified future drinking audience.

Three individual brands were created. Each with its own unique personality, look and feel. Sungazer was named and designed to deliver the relaxed easy going Aussie sun drenched lifestyle. Empire, a tongue in cheek take on a lavish ‘coming together’ of classic fruit flavours inspired by a Roman-esque parties (complete with neo-classical styling and the odd ‘fruity’ pun). And Mosey, an easy going, ‘go with the flow’ kind of vibe.

Within the process we created the full brand personalities, all packaging across the portfolio, strategic and visual brand guidelines and supporting merchandise and activations.

The successful creation of this emerging category has now opened up innovation pathways for the Classic brand portfolio, created new news for sales teams/buyers and opened up opportunities for partnerships and supporting initiatives ongoing.


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