Hidden Lake

Bottling the world’s finest whisky.

Tasmanian Whisky is believed to be the finest in the world, winning global accolades year on year. The challenge? With highly restricted quantities of whisky how can you create a financially viable offer that exudes it’s quality in the hand of the lucky few.

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Hidden Lake

We were tasked with a brand creation challenge, from full brand strategy (including naming) through to packaging and bottle production and into continued communications.

Hidden Lake takes it’s name from an obscure tarn tucked away in the Tasmanian Highlands near the World famous Cradle Mountain. It gave us a platform to create a brand that revels in it’s exclusivity whilst providing inspiration for engaging visual iconography.

When creating the brand we wanted to ensure we reflected the refinement of the product across every element of the bottle telling the story of the whisky’s journey from cask to bottle. The rarity and quality of Hidden Lake whisky starts with the barrel; the shaving, toasting, charring. With the whisky type and style dictated by that process. It takes time to make an ultra-premium whisky. A handcrafted process from start to finish. Within the graphic expression we reflected the similarities between the wood’s annual growth rings and the rippling of water on the lake creating a harmonious synergy of visual equities.

There are only 132 bottles of Hidden Lake White Oak out in the world. Each structurally designed bottle celebrates the craftsmanship, Hand finished touches run throughout the labelling and outer cases complemented by state of the art print techniques. Years in the making, Hidden Lake has now released its debut Tasmanian whiskies to the world. The rare single malts have a limited supply of cask releases, the initial release comprises six single cask Tasmanian single malt whiskies priced at between $299 and $499 per 700ml bottle. Further releases continue over the following years as the liquids reach their optimum potential.


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