Lexington Hill

Without the theatre associated with cocktails, how do you create a brand that engages it's audience in a credible and desirable fashion?

By creating a visual world of storytelling across a brand's packaging and brand world, inviting people to explore its products to discover a new and exciting drinking experience.

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Lexington Hill

At WCN_ we love brand creation. Starting with a raw product and giving it a purpose is what gets us excited. Lexington Hill, a batched cocktail, was one of those projects. The big question was how can we make this desirable and relevant? Serving cocktails on draught or ready made was such a step away from traditional cocktail culture and the expected bar ritual, albeit more convenient. How could we keep it credible?

It all starts with the name. When creating Australia’s first pre-batched cocktail brand we dug in the history of mixology to find a compelling story. To keep it authentic we went right back to the beginning of cocktail history. Celebrating the home of the 'inventor' of the cocktail party Miss Clara D.D. Bell. The story goes that Clara premixed large bowls of cocktail before her guests arrived so no one was ever left standing waiting for a drink. Lexington was her home and so the birth place of pre-mixed cocktails. The building of a rich story helped create a brand story on which we could draw inspiration and a brand voice from.

Following the story's lead the design language took its inspiration from this classic era. Simple, dynamic lines and modern colour palette reflected this famous historic era with a confident, sophisticated modern edge. Lexington Hill Cocktail Club launched the next generation of cocktail experience, on both sides of the globe.


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Lexington Hill
Lexington Hill
Lexington Hill