For over a decade, Nutradry has been working with the food, health and pharmaceutical industries, providing state of the art whole food powders filled with nutrition and flavour.

WCN_ were approached to develop an identity that better suited and reflected the needs of a brand for the digital age.

Creating super powders_

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WCN_ spent a day at the Nutradry factory immersing ourselves in the process. Before commencing design we gained a deep understanding of the unique technology and process that was used to turn raw fresh fruit and vegetables into bright crystal like nutrient dense powders, unlike anything else on the market.


With this knowledge and experience WCN_ designed an identity for Nutradry that reflected this combination of advanced science and nature. A bright, fresh foody palette mirrored the purity and nutrient dense nature of the product while the simplicity of application and ‘white coat’ background spoke to the advanced technology.

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WCN_ rolled out the identity across all media platforms helping Nutradry cement its position as global experts in gentle drying technology.

“WCN_ helped define my vision and the way it was brought to life was jaw-droppingly good”

Brent Duggan, CEO, Nutradry Nutrition.

Client: NutraDry Nutrition

Brand Identity, Brand assets, Digital