Convenient baby food is a hugely emotive area with a short audience engagement time of under two years. Traditionally the category leader, Rafferty’s Garden was losing audience confidence. A large, disparate, linear product range was difficult to navigate and people were beginning to seek out other brands that met their ‘closer to nature’ lifestyle and beliefs.

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Rafferty’s Garden challenged What Came Next_ to regain audience trust and connection with their passion for great tasting, wholesome food.

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WhatCameNext_ delivered a confident brand redesign by taking Rafferty home, back to his garden. Creation of an environment for Rafferty gave him a brand world where he could develop, play and grow; enabling opportunities of playfulness and natural messaging for the brand. The introduction of the outdoors allowed Rafferty’s Garden to retain its bright, bold colour palette that had originally made it famous while influencing a photographic style to deliver taste with a natural freshness and honesty.


A design architecture was created that enabled mum or dad to quickly identify product suitability and benefits for their little one. This delivered impressive results. Improving speed to find by 15% and product preference by 35% compared to the current. WhatCameNext_ delivered an effective brand reinvigoration that got Rafferty‘s noticed and chosen again.

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WhatCameNext_ delivered an engaging brand evolution that sets us up to deliver transformational results. Clearly expressing the future vision for the brand, they are moving Rafferty’s Garden into the future to ensure we meet mums evolving standards, but also our retailer needs for design to deliver category navigation and shop ability.’

Eleanor Knight, Senior Brand Manager, PZ Cussons

Client: PZ Cussons, Rafferty's Garden

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Brand Activation, Brand Architecture, Innovation, Website.