Rafferty’s Garden

Rafferty’s goes back to its roots.

Once the trusted favourite of the baby food category, Rafferty’s Garden had started to lose connection with its audience. Feeling visually dated and lacking any ‘real food’ cues it was rapidly losing sales to brands presenting more ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ offerings.

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Rafferty's Garden

We evolved the brand strategy to help define a core purpose and return Rafferty’s to its roots in the kitchen garden.

By rewinding the focus from baby bowl right back to the farms and orchards of Australia we were able to drive a simpler, more confident pack design that stood out on the shelf.

A clean and bright palette injected a freshness and modernity while photographic images hero-ed the great produce “+ nothing else” that Rafferty’s was first known for. Together this enabled Rafferty’s Garden to present its food values in an appealing and honest way.

A strong portfolio architecture allowed Rafferty’s Garden to double its offerings whilst enabling parents to quickly identify product suitability and key health benefits. This improved speed to find by 20% and product preference by 35%.

The reinvigoration has given Rafferty’s Garden a relevant tone of voice and brand language that has regained market leadership by being noticed and chosen once again.


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Rafferty’s Garden
Rafferty’s Garden