Reschs Real

Respecting the heritage whilst reinstating a beer from times gone by.

Creating a new classic for one of NSW’s favourite beer brands.

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Reschs Real

Reschs beer was originally started in Sydney by a German migrant, Edmund Resch, in 1897 after he’d spent time working in minefields, hotels and other breweries across the country. It became an iconic brew with strong emotional connections with the drinkers of New South Wales. It was in market through the early ’90’s before ceasing production in the mid 2000’s during the ‘Craft Beer Renaissance’ when drinkers dabbled in new and exciting beer styles inspired by the rest of the world.

As the (post) pandemic-led nostalgia trend continued to influence thirsty beer drinkers’ combined with a passionate campaign by the NSW Reschs Appreciation Society the heritage beer’s revival across NSW became a reality. WCN_ set about relaunching the brand so that it could connect with a new generation of beer drinkers who love classic beers and the nostalgic stories behind them. The design leans into tradition, with a modern day twist to reflecting the brew personality; a modern easy drinking take on the classic lager.


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Reschs Real
Reschs Real
Reschs Real
Reschs Real
Reschs Real
Reschs Real