Nothing refreshes like a Reschs... Our refresh of the iconic Reschs Silver Bullet creates a confident heritage inspired expression for the brand that feels familiar yet modern. Did it use to look like this? No, but you would imagine it probably did. Bringing the pride of NSW to the fore, complete with surfer icon, we have brought the Bullet back to the front of mind for loyalists and the next generation alike.
The Reschs Appreciation Society (a grassroots movement with more than 7,300 members in its Facebook group) had been campaigning to bring the Reschs Silver Bullet back after it was removed from market 15 years ago. The folk of New South Wales have had anty with the brand so we ensured that within the design we respected that and created something to be proud of.
Continuing the tone of voice through into advertising gave the brand an ability to communicate with the audience in a confident and impactful way. The typographic styling throughout the brand is familiar and retro, delivered simply to ensure it feels modern and fresh.
We wanted to recreate the brand giving it a voice, supported by a suite of assets that could be built on in the future. The surf icon is a nod to old, lovingly hand painted signage, whilst also paying homage to the state’s national pastime.
craig_blue slide tile-01
Matt Henricks, who founded the Reschs Appreciation Society in 2010, said bringing back the silver bullet was a great achievement for the Society. “So we’re excited about the can coming back, not just because it’s the return of an Aussie icon, but also the tide is starting to turn and Carlton is starting to invest in this hidden gem they’ve got.”
“With the support of the Reschs Appreciation Society, a cracking design and delicious beer, the new Silver Bullet could be a big success. We’re hoping it will kick-start a Reschs renaissance across NSW and beyond.”
Hugh Jellie ASAHI/CUB Associate Director Reschs
Client Carlton United Breweries, ASAHI, Reschs
Brand Design, Strategy, Identity, Packaging, Merchandise and Activation