Sky Racing is an Australian broadcaster with a number of television and radio channels. Once seen as the default source of racing coverage it was losing its position. Facing increasing competition and with plans to widen its portfolio to cover a wider range of sports it came to WCN_ needing a relevant, confident and distinctive identity and brand language that would cut through the noise and engage its audience once again.

Creating a winning platform_

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From the beginning we knew that the new identity had to be much more than a static mark. We had to design an identity system that could flex across many media channels and varying sport subjects. We focused on the dynamic personality of our jockey and built the visual architecture and type treatment from this. This dynamic angle gave Sky Racing the edge it needed. The result was a fast paced identity and brand tool kit with the emotive feel it was always leaning in to win, reflecting the competitive nature of sport.

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The new identity will be rolled out across all on and off line media channels throughout 2018 creating a succinct, distinctive brand across all Sky Racing channels and its media partners.


‘Sport is all about winning. We wanted to create a mark that felt like it was always pushing forward, reflecting the excitement of competition’

Craig Burrows, Design Director.

Client: Sky Racing

Brand Strategy, Corporate Branding, Digital and TV Identity